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Business Development Lead

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About this role:

Zuhura Africa is seeking a dynamic and visionary Business Development Lead to drive our growth initiatives and revenue generation. This role is at the heart of our mission, blending strategic business development with deep partnership cultivation to enhance our impact and reach. The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker, adept at identifying new opportunities, expanding our market presence, and forging strong relationships that convert into sustainable revenue streams and enhanced program outcomes.

Main Duties and Key Responsibilities of Postholder

The Business Development Lead is a pivotal role in shaping Zuhura Africa’s future through strategic initiatives that drive growth, enhance partnerships, and increase revenue. This position is central to our mission of empowering African youth, requiring a dynamic individual who can navigate the complexities of the market, foster meaningful collaborations, and identify opportunities that align with our strategic goals. This role will be instrumental in crafting and executing business development strategies, cultivating partnerships, generating revenue, and ensuring that all activities resonate with Zuhura Africa’s vision for sustainable and impactful entrepreneurship. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Business Development: Lead the creation and execution of comprehensive business development strategies to identify new opportunities, expand into new markets, and enhance revenue streams, aligning with Zuhura Africa’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Partnership Cultivation: Integrate partnership development into the core of business development activities, identifying, nurturing, and leveraging strategic relationships with corporates, sponsors, and other relevant stakeholders to support and enhance Zuhura Africa’s initiatives.
  • Revenue Generation: Drive the organization’s revenue generation, employing a strategic mix of service offerings, sponsorships, and partnerships to boost revenue.
  • Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification: Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, assess market needs, and pinpoint new opportunities for growth and collaboration.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the CEO, Programs Lead/COO, and other team leads to ensure strategic alignment and operational synergy across all business development and partnership activities.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Serve as a key point of contact for business development and partnership inquiries, building and maintaining strong relationships with external partners and internal stakeholders.
  • Reporting and Metrics: Monitor, analyze, and report on the effectiveness of business development strategies and partnership activities, using data to inform decision-making and strategy adjustments.
  • Grant and RFP Response: Engage in identifying, responding to, and managing grants and requests for proposals, aligning them with Zuhura Africa’s objectives and capabilities.


  • Strategic Acumen: Strong ability to identify growth opportunities, develop strategic plans, and implement effective business development initiatives.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, with a talent for building and maintaining robust professional relationships.
  • Analytical Skills: Solid analytical and strategic thinking skills, capable of conducting market research and competitive analysis to inform decision-making.
  • Revenue Focus: Demonstrated expertise in generating revenue, acquiring sponsorships, and driving business growth.
  • Mindset: Entrepreneurial and proactive mindset, with the agility to work independently and collaboratively within a dynamic team environment.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business, Marketing, Finance, or a related field.
  • Significant experience in a business development role, preferably within a nonprofit or mission-driven context.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and executing business strategies and cultivating partnerships that drive organizational growth, ideally within the non-profit, entrepreneurship, or innovation sectors.
  • Proficiency in CRM systems and data analysis tools

Why Join Us?

At Zuhura Africa, you will be part of a vibrant team dedicated to making a significant impact
on the lives of African youth. We offer a supportive work environment, opportunities for
professional growth, and the chance to contribute to meaningful and transformative

Job Conditions 

Working days will be 4 and a half days, working hours to be agreed. Attendance at out of hours events required, time in lieu given. 

To undertake such tasks as may be required by the company that is consistent with the nature of this post. 

This job description reflects the current requirements of the role. As duties and  responsibilities change and develop this will be reviewed and will be subject to amendment in consultation with the postholder. 

To undertake such tasks as may be required by the company that is consistent with the nature of this post. This job description reflects the current requirements of the role. As duties and responsibilities change and develop, this will be reviewed and will be subject to amendment in consultation with the postholder. 

Summary of Terms and Conditions: 


Your principal place of work is the Company’s premises. However, you may, following consultation, be required to work on either a temporary or on an indefinite basis at any premises which the Company currently has or may subsequently acquire or at any premises at which it may from time to time provide services. 

Employment type

Full time


KES 100,000- 125,000

Please note: applicants who do not demonstrate that they meet the criteria outlined in the person specification will not be considered for the role. 

Zuhura Africa exists to support the broadest possible range of young social innovators, and creates opportunities for them to develop and create social enterprises. 

We passionately believe in social equity and the benefits of diversity, seeking to support, encourage and include people, regardless of age, disability, gender identity or gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or any other equality characteristic. 

Application Process: 

Step 1: Discovery Application Form: Complete the Discovery application form. Share your professional background, experiences, and express your passion for the role and our mission at Zuhura Africa.

Step 2: Deep Dive Form: If your Discovery application aligns with our requirements, you’ll be invited to fill out a second, Insight Application, more detailed form. This step is designed to delve deeper into your strategic thinking, creativity, and how you align with our values and culture.

  • Focus Areas: Explore scenarios that reflect real-world challenges at Zuhura Africa, showcasing your approach to innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Step 3: The Interview: If your applications standout in the first two stages you will be invited to an interview. 

  • Interview Format: The interview may include discussions about your previous experiences, situational and behavioral questions, and your vision for the role.

Key Dates:

  • Closing Date for Discovery Applications: Monday April 15
    This initial step allows us to learn about your professional background and interest in Zuhura Africa

  • Insight Application Invitation:
    Candidates who stand out in the Discovery phase will be invited to complete the Insight Application Form, offering a deeper look into your strategic and creative capabilities.
  • Interview Date: April 30
    Engage in meaningful discussions with our team, showcasing how your experiences and skills resonate with Zuhura Africa’s goals.

    Apply Now

    We welcome applications through two methods to accommodate all candidates:

    1. Simplified Discovery Application Form (Recommended for Google Account Holders): Complete and submit your application using our Google Form. This method allows you to upload your resume directly within the form.
    2. Discovery Application Form (For Non-Google Account Holders): Please use this form to submit your application details. With this method, you will have to send your resume via email.

    Application Disclaimer:

    Please note that for your application to be considered for this position at Zuhura Africa, it must be submitted through either of the Discovery Application Forms. Applications received via any other method will not be eligible for review. Please use the application form to ensure your qualifications and experiences are appropriately evaluated.

    Thank you for your interest in joining Zuhura Africa. We look forward to reviewing your application.