Elimika by Zuhura

Elimika is a digital learning platform that offers content providers an open space to host content on any topic. The content is accessible through a mobile device or browser. The platform offers flexibility for content providers or instructors to offer training either as self-paced, tutor-led or a hybrid of both.

We successfully run the Better Cities Challenge hackathon on Elimika. This was a one-day preselection event. In addition, the three winning teams from the challenge are undergoing incubation and mentorship on the platform.

We are uploading courses that we will be hosting for three content creators. That is a First-Aid Training for childcare providers, which will be run by a certified nurse, a digital marketing and social media strategy by a communication specialist and a financial wellness course by a financial consultant.

This is possible because the platform has integrated modern learning tools such as Zoom. Whenever a content provider/instructor wants to run an online class using Zoom, it can be done within the platform itself. It is presented within the platform as part of the course with learners having access to recordings and calendars issued by instructors.

The learning engine provides for learners and management staff; in case the content is coming from an organisation. It also provides for certificates after the completion of a course. Through our collection of curated courses, which deliver on-demand e-Learning solutions, organisations can upskill, reskill or just train their workers. Additionally, they can use the platform to host their content.

What makes the platform different from others in the market is first, its ability to integrate into other existing video conferencing platforms. As part of embracing the low-touch economy, most institutions are using Zoom, Microsoft teams, GoTo meeting, among others, to conduct meetings and run courses. Second, it has the flexibility to provide tutor-led or self-paced training and a hybrid. Third and most importantly, we work with local content creators from multidisciplinary fields. Since the platform has embedded within it an e-commerce element, they are able to monetise their content from their learners.

Our content is trusted because it is made by experienced professionals in subjects such as technology, the arts, and medicine.  It is easily accessible and affordable, allowing a learner to master skills with in-depth learning. Our courses are blended with videos, and text content and validate learners’ achievements through self-paced exercises, assignments and hands-on projects. Learners also get feedback from instructors and are encouraged to form a community with other learners where they can hold group discussions.

If you want to develop as a profession or to undertake a new hobby, Elimika Platform has an online course for you. 

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