Our Focus Areas

Consultancy Services

Innovation and entrepreneurship bootcamps

Our week-long social entrepreneurship and innovation bootcamps are accelerated learning programmes targeting early stage innovators. Participants join a growing community of innovators who are passionate about finding innovative solutions to socio economic challenges within their communities.

Zuhura Africa promotes social innovation activities among agencies that share our vision, so as to create more social enterprises in Africa. Zuhura Africa develop youth-targeted programs and facilitate boot-camps for the inception of team-led social enterprises.

Our Work In Somalia

Zuhura consultants in partnership with DOT (Spain), facilitated UPSHIFT, a youth innovation and entrepreneurship programme in three regions in Somalia: Somaliland, Puntland and Benadir Region, by UNICEF Somalia. The one-year programme, started in October 2019.
Our team facilitated 10 bootcamps in the five locations for 400 young people, who as a result co-created 81 starts-ups. These startups formed aim to address pressing social issues, which they face in their communities in sectors such as health, education and hospitality.
Currently, we are remotely supporting the local partners in the incubation process. The teampreneurs are also being connected with the local entrepreneurship eco-system as they activate their businesses.

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web will be initiated, with the objective of capturing the participation of youth from various countries in Africa. Such courses, specifically designed by Zuhura Africa, will focus on social innovations, entrepreneurship and business management in the contemporary digital world. In addition, with contemporary challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the NOOCs will incorporate remote learning to minimize risks through contact, and costs related to renting facilities, per diems etc.

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Research and advisory services

In order to identify and understand the status and changing nature of youth unemployment over time, research and findings to inform strategic interventions will be undertaken through the consultancy arm of Zuhura Africa. The research will focus on requisite skill gaps and labor market needs, which is fundamental for interventions to be consistent and relevant, and will provide crucial information on appropriate intervention strategies for implementation and achievement of outcomes on employment generation, incubation and design of youth programs

Recruitment and placement platform

This consultancy arm will also provide external research and advisory services and a recruitment and placement platform for agencies/institutions so as to enhance our sustainability.

Waridi Hub

At Waridi Hub, we dare young women innovators and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and support them along the way to success. We are committed to growing and connecting emerging female leaders in Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics, who are interested in growing top-notch businesses. We achieve this by promoting innovative approaches to resolving the challenge of youth unemployment and employability in Africa.

We work with young women innovators to identify and incubate financially viable and scalable products/services with a potential to take them to market, and thereby create employment for youth themselves and others around them. We also provide co-working space for the innovators who will be involved in the planning, development, and execution of the youth-centered businesses and programs.

Our three days to three-month programs will provide intensive knowledge on entrepreneurship, social innovation, life-skills among others.  The Hub will also provide start-ups with a six to nine month incubation program that incorporates mentorship, coaching, networking events, and specialized services such as legal and financial services will be provided. 

We also offer exchange programme between young Kenyan/African entrepreneurs and those in other parts of the World for co-creation purpose.

We are passionate about innovation and value creation.

Join our innovation journey by sponsoring young women to benefit from out of the box innovative approaches.