Our Purpose

According to the World Economic Forum (2020), by 2050 two in every five children will be born in Africa. Currently, the majority (77%) of Africa’s population is below the age of 35. As Graça Machel has warned: “Even though our youth have the potential to transform Africa, if neglected, they could exacerbate poverty and inequality while threatening peace, security and prosperity”.

We believe that when like-minded youth come together, they become a resource for spurring economic growth, positive impact and sustainable change for Africa. 

The emerging trend of youth-led entrepreneurship is gaining momentum across the world, particularly in Africa. This is mainly due to lack of jobs for a bulging youth population and lack of opportunities for out of school youth. Most are only able to gain access to informal and low-skilled opportunities.

We are a one-stop social impact community where innovation, entrepreneurship and technology flourish. We seek to support the boldest early- to growth- stage innovators and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business.

To create spaces that support youth, especially young women, to innovate and develop sustainable enterprises in Africa.

To be a key player promoting innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity among youth so as to achieve social transformation and grow sustainable youth enterprises in Africa.

To leverage on youth energy and creativity in Africa, particularly women, to impart 21 Century skills on up to 3,500 young people to enable them innovate and incubate social enterprises for their socio-economic advancement.

Being a women-led and women-focused organization, at Zuhura Africa we understand the challenge facing women in entrepreneurship, business scale up and innovation, for this reason we are champions for promoting women led businesses.

The heart of our boot camp process is creating businesses for sustainable development. Other than creating startups that address challenges in their surroundings, we also encourage our startups to seek partnerships with organisations that share their vision.