Ujuzi Inn

A Corporate Innovation & Changemaker Leadership Training Program

Ujuzi-INN is a multi-disciplinary programme that nurtures and fosters change making leadership skills for team leaders in corporates. It creates a transformative blended learning experience in innovation and intrapreneurship, based on a learning by doing methodology in order to create a community of innovators and promote innovative practices.


The purpose of the programme is to inspire future changemaker leaders within established corporates. Different from our other programmes, where we work in creating social enterprises formed by changemaker founder teams, here we have intrapreneurs work to bring the change from within already established corporates. We create a collaborative learning experience for leaders from different departments of an organisation.


Learning Experience 

  1.  Learning from yourself – self-reflection and discovery. From the inspirational pills, case studies, and experience sharing, new ideas emerge.

  2.  Peer-peer learning – the team creates collective knowledge from sharing their knowledge and experiences. There is a depth of knowledge that has already been created, as these are team leaders from different departments united by a shared company vision. We facilitate the sharing and exchange of this career-developed knowledge. 

 3.   The experience – inspirational talks from industry leaders.

 4.    Learning from the learned – theories and case studies that highlight new ways of innovative leadership.


Learning environment 

Online sessions through the Elimika platform by Zuhura.


The duration of the course is 6 to 8 weeks (that is a total 50 learning hours) 



To develop leadership and innovative talent in individuals and teams in Kenya. Convert the participants into protagonists of learning and key actors and guide their journey to become successful innovators.



1.   Ujuzi-INN seeks to inspire a generation of changemaker companies to seek and design high-value solutions, which is real knowledge applied to real challenges;

2.   Learn and put into practice key methodologies and tools for the design of user-centred innovation projects and the development of new businesses;

3.   Co-create the vision of the impact of innovation in Kenya under the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals from the perspective of open innovation.