UPSHIFT Kenya Is the digital version of UNICEF flagship initiative to build skills & create opportunities for marginalized young people. The participants work together to build social innovation and entrepreneurship projects that address problems in their communities.

In Kenya, 50 youth participated in this exciting pilot of the program. The participants are drawn from different parts of the country and are joining hands to co-create out-of-the-box projects over four months.

UPSHIFT Kenya had  two goals: to facilitate accelerated start-up learning, social entrepreneurship, and knowledge sharing among youth-focused organizations through programs aimed at them

In the process of working together and defining teams ,the participants  learnt each other’s strengths and how they will use them to tackle the issues they presented and the solutions they will come up with.


Upon completion of the 8 day bootcamp, the participants went through a 3 month boot camp where they continued to work in teams with guidance from the coaches to build on their ideas. Upon completion of the bootcamp, the participants the participants will receive seed to set up their social enterprise.