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STADI, our eLearning platform, offers flexibility for both content providers and instructors to offer training either as self-paced, tutor-led or a hybrid.

The platform has integrated modern learning tools such as Zoom, presented within the platform as part of the course, allowing learners access of recordings and calendars issued by instructors. It also provides for certificates after the completion of a course.

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This is why STADI stands out from the rest:

  • Its ability to integrate into other existing video conferencing platforms.
  • It has the flexibility to provide tutor-led or self-paced training and a hybrid of both.
  • We work with local content creators from multidisciplinary fields. Since the platform has embedded within it an e-commerce element, they are able to monetize their content from their learners.
  • Our content is trusted because it is made by experienced professionals in subjects such as technology, art, and medicine.
  • It is easily accessible and affordable.
  • Our courses are blended with videos, and text content and validate learners’ achievements throughself-paced exercises, assignments and hands-on projects.
  • Learners also get feedback from instructors and are encouraged to form a community with other learners where they can hold group discussions.

First Aid Training For Child Minders Overview

Image of the First Aid Training for Child-minders Course provided by Zuhura Africa

​This training will equip parents, nannies/ house helps, child care providers and other caregivers who are in charge of taking care of a child with knowledge on the key emergency lifesaving skills for both an infant and child. This course is designed for both refreshers and those who are new to the subject of first aid.

Digital Communications and Social Media Strategy Training Overview

Image of the Digital Communication and Social Media Strategy Course provided by Zuhura Africa

​This is an introduction to digital marketing and major social media platforms that is; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn among others. You will learn the principles and strategies used to establish an online presence, content creation, how to build a following and manage your social media accounts. You will also learn to manage advertising campaigns run on social media. By the end of the course you will be able to plan, implement, manage, and measure your social media and communication efforts.


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