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House of Genius is a global platform that brings together entrepreneurs and collaborators for an evening of disruptive thinking to solve strategic problems in entrepreneurship. Founded in 2010 by Toma Bedolla, the platform has been creating community support for entrepreneurs across the globe to share important problems and challenges their businesses are facing.

House of Genius was created to facilitate and inspire collaboration in cities around the world so communities can engage and discover the innovative potential within all of us.

With over 30 cities hosting Houses across the world, including Atlanta, Phoenix, Sao Paulo and London, the platform has experienced immense growth due to grass-root demand from communities across the globe looking to create support systems for entrepreneurs.

Debuting in Africa in 2022, House of Genius Kenya aims to enhance the support ecosystem for local businesses. This is being done by engaging local talent to collaborate in advising the entrepreneurs by sharing their knowledge and expertise. With a format that leverages on collective creativity, presenters leave the House with a refreshed perspective and new ideas on how to address their challenges while the panelists get to share their knowledge, connect with entrepreneurs and get inspired by the discussions in the House.

What attendees get out of it


  • Gain critical perspective and feedback from a diverse curated pool of outsiders on headache business problems at no cost.
  • Engage in disruptive thinking and creative problem solving in a room full of multidisciplinary panelists.


  • Network with like-minded geniuses, make unlikely connections and possibly establish working relationships with peers.
  • Get an inside look at the challenges that entrepreneurs face when running their businesses.
  • Experience a collaborative problem solving process.
  • Engage in disruptive thinking and creative problem solving in a multidisciplinary panel.

How it works

We bring together a group of 15-18 wide-ranging minds and 2 business presenters.  The presenters share their business and a key problem they are facing in rapid-fire fashion. Each attendee asks followup questions then offers insights, suggestions, or introductions that may assist the presenter. The true “genius” is in the collaboration – you’ll be amazed at the power of thinking that is evoked from the structure of the sessions and the synergetic format.

“We are on a mission to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem  by bringing together fresh perspectives and diverse talent to developing businesses”

Attend a Session

We are always thrilled to have new voices in the room: great presenters and engaging panelists. Join us to:

  • Share your knowledge & expertise
  • Network
  • Get inspired!

Email: genius@zuhura-africa.com

Phone: +254 (0)752 808808