Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to leverage on the energy and creativity of the youth in Africa, particularly women, to impart 21st Century skills to up to 3,500 young people to enable them innovate and incubate social enterprises for their socio-economic advancement.

We want to be a key player promoting innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity among youth for social transformation and to grow sustainable youth enterprises in Africa.

Our Programs

Our programs enables young people to evaluate, strategize and develop an innovative, resilience, leadership mindset. We also support organizations in exploiting their innovative and entrepreneurial ambitions.

We implement boot camps for young people with limited or no experience in entrepreneurship skills to help them build their innovative ideas into profitable social enterprises. In the process providing a perfect opportunity for them to form symbiotic business relationships and networks.

We leverage on programs geared towards growing and upskilling young teenage mothers from underprivileged backgrounds enabling them to accelerate social enterprises and economic opportunities.

Image of the Africa Basque Challenge logo

Africa Basque Challenge

Better Cities Challenge participant getting his certificate

House of Genius Kenya

House of Genius Kenya

House of Genius Kenya

Stock image of a young lady sitting in front of a laptop with headphones on and smiling


Stock image of a young lady sitting in front of a laptop with headphones on and smiling

Climate Action Challenge

Organizations we have worked with

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