Why We Exist?

We believe that when like-minded youth come together, they become a resource for spurring economic growth, positive impact and sustainable change for Africa.

Why We Exist

Did you know… Africa has the youngest population in the world.


High youth and total unemployment means that some 72 percent of the youth population in Africa lives on less than $2 a day (World Bank 2009)

We create experiences and environments where like-minded youth can come together to be a resource for creating economic growth, positive impact and sustainable change in Africa.

Our Impact

Zuhura Impact is the non-profit arm of Zuhura Innovations Africa which aims to empower the vulnerable in society and effect social change through various outreach programs. It is a women-led organization that supports and empowers young people to become change-makers, by designing and implementing innovative, impactful, and sustainable solutions to address issues affecting their communities

Our Vision

Leverage on the energy and creativity of the youth in Africa, particularly women, to impart 21st Century skills to up to 3,500 young people to enable them innovate and incubate social enterprises for their socio- economic advancement.

Our Mission

A key player promoting innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and creativity among youth for social transformation and to grow sustainable youth enterprises in Africa.

Our Partners