Our Work


Africa Basque Challenge (ABC) is a partnership between foundations, academic institutions, and companies from both Kenya and the Basque Country.

This collaboration aims to promote new socio-business realities co-created by young people who collaborate on an intercultural level.

ABC first edition:

  • 2 boot camps
  • 6 days in Kenya
  • 1 week in Basque Country, Spain
  • 48 innovators from Kenya, Somalia, and Basque Country Spain
  • 11 companies
  • 15,000 euros award


UPSHIFT by UNICEF is a youth social innovation and entrepreneurship program, designed to build skills and opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

The program aims to identify, nurture, and coach to scale innovative solutions for the youth.

The partnership between Zuhura consultants and DOT (Spain), 3 regions in Somalia: Somaliland, Puntland and Benadir Region, 10 boot camps, 400 young people, 81 starts-ups In the health, education, and hospitality sectors